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Fleets Image Gallery

As we gathered in Linköping for a weekend of work and play-testing, we decided to create an image gallery (as we have with our other games) for Fleets. With a few new images and some explanatory text, we give you a deeper understanding of the core structure of the game. Welcome to the image gallery!

On another note, Fleets is now up and running on If you are one of the happy few who has playtested this game, please go there and start rating already! In fact, if you like any of our games, please support us by rating them on that site! With joyful wishes from the FryxGames brothers


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We proudly present our new game title;Fleets

Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict

Planned release: September 1st, 2014

Gamers, listen up! We have a treat for you. Fleets features strategy, tactics, diplomacy, economy, and cunning at every level! The game is just as much about who to fight, when to fight, and where to fight as it is about winning or surviving a battle. Sometimes it’s better to flee and live to fight another day. You must also manage your resources well. During the game you will need to use diplomatic points for political maneuvering, megacredits for buying ships and upgrades, energy for your ships and action cards to surprise your opponents. You will also need to occupy planets to secure those resources!

We have a new page describing its basic structure, but more and more information about it will be released as time goes by. Visit the game-page here.

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Escort ships

In our coming game, you’re going to need some firepower, so why not complement your flagship with fighters and battleships?
FighterThe Fighter: A small and relatively cheap basic attack ship. Tactically important for taking out enemy defence and clearing the way for heavier ships to fire.


The Battleship: Designed to punch holes in enemy defence with missiles, as well as a powerful main cannon.


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Setting the Mood

As you may have noticed by now, our next release is a space game. To set the mood, Jacob has written a short story that will give you some hints as to what the game will feature. Enjoy!

Skirmish at Eden

By: Jacob Fryxelius

ValiantAdmiral Gerald Hunter was inspecting the scene in front of him through the viewport.

– They can’t be serious, he stated as he gestured towards the vessels below in orbit around Eden.

– It seems that the Thor Gate Alliance got the intel as well, sir, his adjutant commented.

– No matter. They are no match for us. I can’t believe they would send such a weak fleet here. Ergonia of all! Even though the protector fleet has left the system, they should realize that they would not get the spoils to themselves. Perhaps this is all they could muster on such short notice. Again, no matter. Battle stations, Foss. Prepare to launch fighters.

– Yes, sir. Foss saluted and turned on his heel to relay the orders.

It would not be long before the Alliance detected Fleet Valiant, but Hunter had made good the time they were in planet shadow. He grinned to himself as one light after another blinked green on the console to his left. The Valiant lumbered on towards its prey when the com went live. Hunter switched it on and a Pleiad Council envoy appeared and immediately demanded that Fleet Valiant refrain from hostilities, in the name of the charter. Irritated, but unmoved, Hunter replied,

– Not this time, envoy. Eden is unoccupied – I have clearance. Negotiations are through here.

According to plans, his superiors and their council friends should have declared Eden unoccupied just a few days ago.

– But, what… the envoy began before Hunter closed the com. He was so tired of these meddlers that always seemed to get in the way. But not this time.

– Well said, sir, said his adjutant that just rejoined him on the bridge. They will be in range in just a few minutes, sir. What are your orders?

– Launch fighters and fire at will.

As his fleet prepared for battle and soared forward, Hunter watched the feeble Alliance fleet muster what defenses they had. More transports arrived from the planet surface and the signatures of pesky Thor Gate energy ships formed up with some other vessels in front of Ergonia. Those are new signatures, thought Hunter as his fleet opened fire. Missile streaks and laser beams began to fill the viewport, but immediately bright flashed emerged in their way. Shield ships! I should have known, thought Hunter. It must be a new design. No matter, though. No shields or energy is going to keep our firepower at bay for long.

– Send the fighters to destroy those shields. Hammer them to pieces, he ordered. And log that new ship signature.

Enemy fighters, hopelessly outnumbered, perished as they tried to protect the shield ships. His grin widened as one after another, the shield ships were destroyed. Then his grin dropped as a green aura began to build around Ergonia and her closest ships.

– No! Blast her! She is escaping! Hunter bellowed furiously. But it was too late. Ergonia was gone with all the spoils she could carry. How could she engage the drive so quickly? He never could figure the Thor Gate Alliance out. Always some new trickery. At least this time it had cost them a lot of ships, he thought sourly.

– Clean up and then tax that planet. And I don’t care that they’ve already been taxed! Send full reports to my quarters. I’m out.

– Yes, sir, said Foss as he watch admiral Hunter stride away in a furious mood. Best not to disturb him for a couple of days. As he watched the scene in front of the Valiant he thought, I’ll have things to do anyway.

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Special Rules Available

For all you veteran players out there, special rules for the Wilderness Hunger Games Scenario and for both of the Space Station Solitaire versions are now available for download on this website!

Wilderness – Hunger Games Scenario
Are you literally sick and tired from racing to the village? Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill all the other players to be the last man standing? This is what the Hunger Games Scenario adds to Wilderness! With these special rules you can no longer win by entering the village, your only goal is to be the last survivor. With a different gameboard set-up, some new rules for interaction, and a more aggressive atmosphere, this will surely add variety to your game.

Space Station Solitaire – Bot Version (Page 1)
We’ve always said it’s hard to find an opponent in outer space. But don’t worry, we’ve created a bot which is clearly more designed to survive without oxygen than you are. And since they’re massproduced, why not take on two of them at once? In the Bot Version, you play against simulated opponents. They are not as smart as you, but they get certain advantages that will even that out. Can you beat the bots?

Space Station Solitaire – Peaceful Version (Page 2)
Back to the Space Station Training Academy, where the simulation of construction is all there is. No meteor storms, no malfunctions, no time consuming bureaucracy, and especially no evil-minded competitor. Your goal is to build the best possible space station without event cards. It might be peaceful, but that doesn’t make it easy. Each year, the number of modules you need of each color to score Victory Points is increased, and to win and graduate from the Academy, you need 22 VPs. Can you do it?

Feel free to send us your stories and achievements from these alternate versions.

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Wilderness Promo Pack!

At the Essen Spiel’13 games fair in Germany, we will release a Promo Pack for Wilderness. We have acted on several requests for women in the game and designed 3 new Health Boards for this purpose. The Promo Pack consists of 3 healthboards and corresponding stickers so you can exchange the green, yellow, and blue male characters with new, better-looking female ones. These limited edition promo Health Boards will only be available through us, and might run out of stock in Essen. Buy the FryxGames Game Pack to get our promos for free, or buy them separately.

We hope to meet you there!
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Time to expand the Space Station!

Tired of the same old Core Modules? Let’s upgrade, then! We’ve designed a limited edition promo pack with 4 new Core Modules to add more variety to the game. With the Space Station Promo Pack, all 6 colors are represented as Core Modules, introducing new effects and powerful combinations. Each new Core Module enhances the theme of its color, thus encouraging strategic expertise. Be careful, though; you’ll never win with only one color.

The Space Station Promo Pack consists of 2 double-sided cards, each side with a unique new Core Module, either Military (purple), Support (brown), Scientific (blue), or Luxury (yellow). It will be released in Essen, where it will be included in the FryxGames Game Pack (Space Station + Promo, Wilderness + Promo, 2x Brawling Barons), or as separate item. This limited edition will only be available through us.

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Hunger Games scenario

Even though Wilderness offers endless combinations of landscape tiles, we felt that we could offer even more variety if we added a few rules. So we now proudly present an alternate scenario for Wilderness, the Hunger Games scenario!

In the normal game you place the landscape tiles in a row and discover them as you move along. In this scenario you place 6 random tiles in a circle with the village (supply area) in the middle. (See picture!) The players (2-8) is spread out around the rim of the board and want to get to the center to receives bonuses. This is a last man standing where it’s all about surviving and hurting the other players. Brutal, but fun!
Special rules for this scenario:
– Each time you move into the supply area, draw 2 event cards and 1 random player token (use all 8 tokens). If you draw your own token, draw 1 extra event card. If you draw an opponent’s token, they walk into a trap: roll a die and get as much exhaustion. If you draw a token of a player not used in the game (or a dead player) place the token anywhere on the game board. It will move and attack the same way as the wild animals, but will be inactive this very first Nature’s turn. If the player token is defeated, it is immediately removed from the game. Unlike defeating an animal, you don’t get any hunger back when killing a player token.
– Each time you have been inside the supply area, you must move to the edge of the board before you go to the supply again.
– Fight: If a player enters the same area as another player, a fight occurs, and both players roll 2 dice against each other, just as in the “Fight event card”. During fights, all event cards regarding animal attacks may be played. Opposing players or tokens count as animals.
Good Luck! 🙂
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Language Boom!

The Wilderness Rulebook is now also available in French and German! This is a great step, since these languages have been requested for quite some time! At the moment, we are also working on several other translations for Space Station and Brawling Barons. All three of our games will be available at the Essen Spiel 2012 game convention. We’ll be in booth 4-415, prepared with Swedish candy to feed anyone who wants to have a look at our games. See you there!

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Rules for Brawling Barons released!


The English Rulebook for Brawling Barons has now been released! It can be accessed here, or from the Brawling Barons game page.

The rulebook consists of 12 pages and each page is the size of a playing card. When you buy a deck of Brawling Barons, you will get 6 cards printed on both sides with these rules. We will be adding other language versions of the rules here on our website as soon as those translations are completed. We expect to have Swedish, German and French rules before October 18th.