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Familiar Corporation?

Who are you to terraform Mars? A mighty corporation with a glorious future, of course! The players in Terraforming Mars each control a corporation that competes to get the biggest share of land, resources, and glory. One of these is ThorGate, an energy giant with Nordic roots:

Starting with energy production allows ThorGate to kick-start industries right off the bat. It also has the capability of increasing its energy production at a discount, allowing the player to concentrate on an energy-driven strategy.

ThorGate is indeed destined for a glorious future – it will eventually become a top contender in the Pleiades conflict a thousand years hence (but that’s another game)…

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Fleets Review

We want to share with you one of the first written reviews for Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict. Written by Mark Rivera, on the blog Boardgames in Blighty, who has also written reviews for our other games, this review is a real pleasure to read. You can read it on his website, or you can settle for these wonderful words about Fleets:

“The components should stand up to many plays and they do look lovely.”

“Its about fun! And fun is often missing from so many heavier games. It has just enough interesting decisions and complexity to get you to battle, where it all happens. you just better hope that you have enough shields and intercepters to delay the inevitable damage that your main ships will suffer before your fleet goes BOOM!”

“I am generally not interested in the resource collecting and empire building so much as the conflict stuff. Low and behold, the Fryx brothers, who have made some lighter fun Euro style games have come up with a space game that is ultimately a combat game with a bit of these elements, but just a bit, with the main focus on kicking 7 bells out of each other. Ok I am interested.”

Have a nice week folks! And Merry Christmas to you all!

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Essen Report

We are all back in Sweden after an amazing week in Germany. The Essen Spiel fair met all our expectations and has given us new motivation for continuing the development of our games, both old and new. For those of you who were unable to visit the fair, here is a short summary:

Since all four of us brothers in the company live in different cities in Sweden, meeting up for a long one-week trip to Essen is one of the absolute highlights of our year. For the third year in a row, our brother Thomas joined us, so there were five of us. On the ferry over to Germany, we got a chance to try each others’ new prototype games and discuss future development.007

On Wednesday, we finally received the printed copies of our new game Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict, this year’s novelty. It was actually finished from the factory on Monday, and was thus one of the newest games at the fair.

001 (1)

On Thursday, the fair opened for visitors and our booth filled up quickly to stay filled for the rest of the fair. There was always something going on, from game demonstrations to our major events, to business meetings. Speaking of events, just as in previous years, we got a winner in our contest. Here he is, the winner of the Fleets final on Saturday:


The other event was an announcement: Our next game will be Terraforming Mars, a resource management game about making Mars habitable for mankind. We will soon release more information about this grand project. An interesting part of our event was to release 10 prototypes of the game to official beta-tester groups chosen among the visitors at the event. Now the game is being play-tested in several countries all over the world to help us reach board game perfection for our planned release next year.


All in all, Essen has been a splendid fair for FryxGames, and we would like to thank all of you who visited us during the fair, giving us great encouragement and inspiration. Thanks also to our wonderful families who have been supporting us all year long.

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What’s in the cards?

As with most games including cards, reading the rules will not give you the whole picture. Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict, is no exception. There are three different types of cards, and to let you understand how they affect the gameplay, we’ve decided to release 5 of each with a short explanation. Enjoy!


Eagle Eye helps your ships to act quicker.
Flagships are not easy to repair, so utilizing Repair Bots is a very handy way to make a come-back.
In a swarm of opposing fighters, Missile Battery offense is the best defense.
If allowed to work for a few rounds, Trade Goods will give your fleet an economic edge.
The Turret: Paving the way for your flagship lasers since 2645 AD.


Ha! Not so cocky after the Dogfight, are you?
Being out of energy can be disastrous for a fleet. Energy Transfer and Overloaded can both help you in those situations.
With Heavy Weapons, you can get an extra punch to take out an important ship.
A Skillful Maneuver is perfect for tipping the balance during the battle.


Saving the Famous Admiral for the right moment will allow you to surprise your opponents – suddenly you can afford unexpected actions!
An Unexpected Move can save a fleet in trouble – or take your strongest fleet right into the action.
With a Veto, you can really irritate people by crossing their plans.
Diplomatic Outpost allows you to collect valuable resources in the right moment.
When having a strong fleet, your opponents will try to use diplomacy to avoid fighting it. No more so with No More Talk!


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Pre-order for Essen!

Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict can now be preordered for pickup at Essen Spiel in October. The game will be delivered directly to the fair from the factory.

Send an email to
Subject: Fleets Preorder

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Price: 35€, paid at the fair.
Why stop at one game? FryxGames will have a bundle offer: If you buy 3 of our games, you get the cheapest one for free!

If you have a BoardGameGeek account, you can promote us by liking Fleets on this geeklist. All comments and visits to our gamepage promotes Fleets, so feel free to help us out!

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Fleets on its way!

We are currently sending the last data to LudoFact in Germany, where Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict will be printed. We are so eager to see the result, which will be delivered straight to Essen Spiel in October. Meanwhile, we will have to make due with Daniel’s approximations of how it will look. We give you – THE BOX!



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Preparing for production

The time to produce Fleets is near, and we are all working hard on the last details. Daniel is working on the last graphics, and he just completed the last fleet board; Morgana. Jonathan is working with color correction in the computer files. Enoch is working with business contacts and administrative tasks – as usual – and Jacob is analyzing and correcting the last tiny flaws of gameplay. In short, we all do what we do best! We look forward to enjoy the printed game with you!


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Kickstarter Ending

Unfortunately our Kickstarter campaign for Fleets will not reach it’s goal. This means that all pledges will be cancelled and funds returned. Thank you everyone for your support!
We plan to print Fleets anyway (with a higher financial risk for us, unfortunately) and we hope you will continue to support us by buying this game. It’s a great game, by the way…


We also want to say a big huraaah for our brother Benjamin (Game Designer of Brawling Barons) getting married on Saturday! I (Enoch) will dedicate my victories on tomorrow’s game night to you! 😉

Maybe you didn’t know, but Benjamin has illustrated many units in Brawling Barons. One of them is Farmer, based on a photograph of Jonathan, which you can see here;


Jonathan would now like to return the favour by presenting the new Sheriff, created with some photographs of Benjamin! Cheers!