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Preorder for Essen

Hi friends! We’ve finally published our preorder tool for Essen, where you can make sure you will get what you want at our booth. Please visit the preorder page here.

As all our newsletter subscribers already know, the next special item for Terraforming Mars is special designed sleeves to help you protect your cards while also making them gorgeous. They will be available in our webshop soon, as well as in Essen.

Sleeves for Prelude cards, corporation cards, global events, and project cards.
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Upcoming Essen

We are already working hard to get all details ready for the international games fair Spiel’18 in Essen, Germany, which is at the end of October. We hope to see you there! Our booth number is 3-O103, close to where we’ve been all these 7 years since we started FryxGames. Our new items this year are of course the 2 latest expansions for Terraforming Mars: Prelude and Colonies. We will also sell the promo pack, containing all 10 promo cards released thus far for the game, including the 3 corporations from the BoardGameGeek contest.

This is the price list for Essen this year:
Terraforming Mars: 55€
TM: Hellas & Elysium: 20€
TM: Venus Next: 25€
TM: Prelude: 20€
TM: Colonies: 30€
TM: Promo pack (10 promos): 8€

TM: Everything: 120€ (save 38€)
TM: Expansions: 75€ (save 28€)

After the Virus: 25€
Fleets (few left): 50€
Space Station: 20€
Brawling Barons: 5€ / deck

All items can be pre-ordered for pick-up at Essen. Just e-mail us at, give us your name and the items you want to pre-order.


We have set up an e-mail list for our newsletter, which we aim to send out every three months. We want to send the first newsletter this week, so be sure to subscribe to it by clicking here.

Terraforming Mars Digital App

Soon you will be able to play Terraforming Mars on your digital devices! Although the launch has been postponed to late September or early October, things are falling into place and we look forward to the full release with great anticipation! To learn more, visit the app on Steam by clicking here.


The image used on the Colonies box. Image by Isaac Fryxelius.

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Back after Essen

Hello friends,

We’re back home again after Essen Spiel. As usual, it takes at least a week before we’re back on track.
We are very happy about everyone who came and asked about Terraforming Mars. Even if some were disappointed to learn that the release is postponed until next year, it’s very encouraging for us that so many people out there seem to know about the game… Essen was fantastic! As usual. A lot of new contacts with publishers and distributors open up the doors for collaboration on game projects in the future. Don’t be surprised when you see the big logos on our coming games 🙂

Many familiar faces visited our booth again this year, but also lots of new ones. Thank you all for stopping by, grabbing our Swedish candy and our games. Wilderness is sold out, and many really missed it at the fair, but our table and time were filled with our other games, especially Fleets with the new expansion.

Just as last year, we had a beta-tester event, showing another upcoming game. The beta-testing of Terraforming Mars was a huge success, both for spreading the word and for streamlining the game, so now we want to give the same opportunity to – Zombies & Survivors!

Card back

It is a cooperative card game, where  zombies invade your deck and you have to gear up to meet the threat. We really look forward to getting feedback on this, and have already enjoyed some of it. Once again, thank you all for supporting us!

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Essen Spiel 2015

We are very excited about going to Essen again and meeting  the wonderful crowd of gamers. It’s like coming home to another world, where all the people are friendly and share the same interest. Utopia! Terraforming Mars is still not printed, and we, as well as many others, are still waiting eagerly for it to be released. It’s gonna be great! But while we wait, you can visit our booth and playtest the latest game prototype.

This is our product list this year:

Fleets 40€ (save 5€)

(NEW!) Fleets: Corporate Lords 12€ (save 3€)

Fleets + Corporate Lords: 45€ (save 15€)


Space Station: 20€ (+2€ for mini expansion)


Brawling Barons: 5€ / deck (save 2€ / deck)


Game Pack: 70€ (save 27€)

(including Fleets + Corporate Lords
Space Station + Mini Expansion
2xBrawling Barons)


Main events:

Friday 10-19 – Terraforming Mars

Come and check out our coming release! We offer you a chance to see, and maybe even play, this coming classic. All depending on space of course. We’re standing in a rather small booth, after all…

Saturday 15-16 Beta-test Event

Would you like to be a part of a future FryxGames release? Come and get a sneak peek at an exciting new project, and maybe you can even get  a prototype to bring home from Essen… Welcome!

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Essen Report

We are all back in Sweden after an amazing week in Germany. The Essen Spiel fair met all our expectations and has given us new motivation for continuing the development of our games, both old and new. For those of you who were unable to visit the fair, here is a short summary:

Since all four of us brothers in the company live in different cities in Sweden, meeting up for a long one-week trip to Essen is one of the absolute highlights of our year. For the third year in a row, our brother Thomas joined us, so there were five of us. On the ferry over to Germany, we got a chance to try each others’ new prototype games and discuss future development.007

On Wednesday, we finally received the printed copies of our new game Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict, this year’s novelty. It was actually finished from the factory on Monday, and was thus one of the newest games at the fair.

001 (1)

On Thursday, the fair opened for visitors and our booth filled up quickly to stay filled for the rest of the fair. There was always something going on, from game demonstrations to our major events, to business meetings. Speaking of events, just as in previous years, we got a winner in our contest. Here he is, the winner of the Fleets final on Saturday:


The other event was an announcement: Our next game will be Terraforming Mars, a resource management game about making Mars habitable for mankind. We will soon release more information about this grand project. An interesting part of our event was to release 10 prototypes of the game to official beta-tester groups chosen among the visitors at the event. Now the game is being play-tested in several countries all over the world to help us reach board game perfection for our planned release next year.


All in all, Essen has been a splendid fair for FryxGames, and we would like to thank all of you who visited us during the fair, giving us great encouragement and inspiration. Thanks also to our wonderful families who have been supporting us all year long.

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Essen Offer

It is grand to think that in just a few days, all four brothers of FryxGames will be standing in our booth promoting our new game Fleets. We are also accompanied by brother Thomas (co-author of Wilderness). This is our fourth year at the international games fair in Germany, and has to be celebrated! On top of our already discounted prices for the fair, we’ll offer any visitor to buy any 3 different items from our price list and only pay for 2. Here is our updated price list for Essen:

Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict – 35 EUR

Wilderness (+promos) – 35 EUR

Space Station (+promos) – 20 EUR

Brawling Barons – 5 EUR/deck


Tin Crew (Space Station, 25crew) – 25 EUR

Card-sleeves (Wild/BB, 100p) – 5 EUR

Promos (Wilderness/Space Station) – 5 EUR

Solitaire Play Cards (game included) – 5 EUR

Rules (Wild/SS (GER/FRA/SWE/ESP)) – 2 EUR


Choose 3 different items – pay for 2!

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Essen booth

Booth 3-P101, that’s where you’ll find us in Essen. If you want a taste of Sweden we encourage you to pay us a visit; we have all our released games, including our last copies of Wilderness and our very first copies of Fleets. And candy. Lots of candy. Welcome!

We will host 2 events in our booth:

Saturday: 11-14 Fleets Conquest – Win your own copy of the game!
Qualify to the final by playing and winning Fleets during the fair.

Saturday: 15-16 We present our next game, and it’s a big one!
Join the FryxGames network and become a beta-tester.



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The Essen Price List

We are happy to announce this year’s Essen Price List.


Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict – 35€

Wilderness (+promo) – 35€

Space Station (+promo) – 20€

Brawling Barons – 5€


Tin crew for Space Station – 25€

Promo for Wilderness or Space Station – 5€

100 Colored Card Sleeves – 5€


Buy 3 games, pay for 2!

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Pre-order for Essen!

Fleets – The Pleiad Conflict can now be preordered for pickup at Essen Spiel in October. The game will be delivered directly to the fair from the factory.

Send an email to
Subject: Fleets Preorder

Repair bot


Price: 35€, paid at the fair.
Why stop at one game? FryxGames will have a bundle offer: If you buy 3 of our games, you get the cheapest one for free!

If you have a BoardGameGeek account, you can promote us by liking Fleets on this geeklist. All comments and visits to our gamepage promotes Fleets, so feel free to help us out!

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Essen Report

Last week we attended Essen Spiel, Germany, for the third year in a row. With its approximately 150 000 visitors, it’s an overwhelming experience to be able to show off our games to the public. We want to thank everyone who came by and tested, bought, and gave feedback on our games. We sincerely hope that it has been as fun for you as it has been for us! It was good to see so many familiar faces from previous years, even some of those who bought our first handmade edition of Wilderness two years ago.

Just like last year, any player who won a session of Wilderness or Space Station in the booth, got a ticket to the finals. We hereby present the winners;
Space Station Champion Frode Braendo, who won the game, the promo pack, and the handcrafted tin crew members.

Our Wilderness Survivor, who won the game, the promo pack, the handmade, handpainted set of figures, and the prestigious handshake of the game designer 🙂











We launched no new games this year, but rest assured, we’re not sleeping. Next year will be grand!