Betatester Page

Welcome to the FryxGames betatesting page!

Here we present some of our coming games and let you submit your interest to beta-test them. Before submitting your interest, please read through the below paragraphs carefully:

What you get:

We will give you first-hand sneak-peaks from the game development. You will be the first to experience these games, and get a chance to influence our development by addressing issues, suggesting improvements, and providing statistics from your games. If you complete the requirements for beta-testing (see below), your name will appear in the rulebook of the first printing of the game, and you will receive a free copy of the finished product.

What we require from you:

We can only send you print-ready pdf:s, no physical copies of the games. You need to be able to print out your own cards, boards etc. for play-testing. Some games include custom markers, miniatures or other tokens. You need to find substitute markers to represent these items, as they will not be sent to you. You may not post images or reveal information from the game online until it is released, or until we encourage such online discussions.

To get your name in the final rulebook and receive a copy of the produced game, you need to play the game at least 10 times, providing the statistics from these games that we ask for (see each item below). Any additional feedback is highly appreciated, and makes you a prime choice for future beta-testing.

Additional info:

Everyone who submits will not be picked for beta-testing. In different stages of development, different amounts of play-testers are needed, and we also need groups representing different player counts. But rest assured, we get your notification, and will contact you if a beta-tester spot opens up.

It should also be stated that the process is manual, so do not expect to get an answer the same week you submit your interest.

The Games


Fate – Defenders of Grim Valley, by Jonathan Fryxelius, is a fully cooperative fantasy game. Inspired by traditional Tower Defense games, each player takes the role of a hero to try to defend Grim Valley, a town in the middle of the board. Monsters will approach from all sides, and each monster that enters the town tears down 1 of the 10 buildings there. To win, the players must withstand the monsters and prevent the last piece of the town from being destroyed for a certain number of turns. If they fail, they all lose.
Fate is a miniature game, which requires a lot of different markers to symbolize the monsters and the heroes. Each hero has its own deck of 40 cards, and 6 heroes are included in the game. So there is 240 standard-sized cards to print, in addition to about 75 half-sized cards. Beta-testers need markers in 3 different colors to count damage, experience, and mana on their cards, and about 20 dice. Play time: 40min / player, for up to 4 players. Ages: 10+ (since this is a cooperative game, younger players can join and get help from the other players).