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Beefy Hero

When designing new cards for The Long Cold, finding new and interesting combos was central, and Trusted Companion is a perfect example of this.

With Trusted Companion by your side, you can have a Car ready to go while using the Horse to handle daily stuff. You can have permanent weapons such as Machete without removing the option of Pistol, Flamethrower and the like if your arm gets wounded. Plus, you actually get and extra space for a wound, making your weapon management all that safer. The other way to get an extra wound space requires exercise, but can definitely be worth it too. Going into close combat with zombies is dangerous though, so be sure to bring a Knife and some Bandage.

But do you know what the best thing with an extra wound space is? You can eat some Canned Food. Or a Cow.

So who’s the hero? You? The Trusted Companion? Or the Cow? The answer is in the title/headline.