Angel Fury

Angel Fury

Angel Fury lets you dive right into a grand battle in the spiritual realm. 100 angels line up against 100 demons in the battle for a man’s soul.

If you love epic war games with lots of miniatures, but rarely have the time for them, Angel Fury scales down wargames into board game length. Game mechanisms include area control, resource management, and deckbuilding.

Each player controls a mighty leader for his angelic division, either an archangel or a demon prince. In addition to that, each player also commands 2 large units (Seraphs or Tormentors), and a horde of angels or demons.

For a quick introduction, and full playthrough tutorial, check this video below:

The game features many different scenarios and 1-4 players.

Two teams of angels (blue and white) are lined up to face two teams of demons (black and red). In the middle of the game board, a human soul is kneeling in anguish.

There is also terrain, some areas have crystal mountains and some have fountains of living water. Apart from obstructing some movement, they also serve as resource fields, where you can gather crystals and reinforcements. Those 2 resources are also used to upgrade your 12-card deck, buying more powerful cards from the market.

All resources and cards are just means to an end; the goal of the game is to gather 7 soul points. You gain soul points by standing on the human soul, or occupying opposing altars. The player/team that first reaches 7 soul points wins!

More details:
* Each area has 9 spaces in a 3×3 grid for troops and/or terrain.
* You command whole troops in each action, so you can move 9 angels from one area to the next in the same action.
* The angel- and demon side are assymmetrical, with different cards and different leader abilities. There are also 4 different archangels and 4 different demon princes to choose from.
* Seraphs and Tormentors can be upgraded with permanent abilities bought from the card market.
* Each side has 5 unique Tactic cards. You can only use 1 Tactic card per turn.
* The decks never contain more than 12 cards. When you buy new cards, they replace old ones.
* The deck is not shuffled when emptied, just turned over. The order in which you play your cards dictate the order they will reappear later. This means you can place powerful combos without risking the cards to separate from eachother.