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After the Rush

Essen is over, and it’s been a blast! As always. The annual October trip to Germany is the highlight of the year for us at FryxGames. Distributing new prototypes, showing each other new stuff in the works, discussing our business, setting up the booth, ripping up boxes of new deliveries from the factory, demoing, selling, meeting new and old fans, meeting other companies, and for a short while have time for a stroll through the fair.

Jacob holding the German version of Venus Next. Photo: Henk Rolleman.



Here are a few highlights:

* This year saw the release of two expansions for Terraforming Mars. First Hellas & Elysium during the summer, and then Venus Next was released at Essen. In Venus Next, players can diversify their strategies and start to work on the terraforming of Venus, building cities and industries in the clouds! With new project cards, new corporations, a new track and an additional milestone and award, Venus Next packs a punch.
* Another new release was our cooperative zombie deckbuilder After the Virus, where more zombies invade your deck with each reshuffle. Gear up! Save survivors! Mow down the zombies! And above all complete the mission before you get overwhelmed! Tense fun for 1-3 players, where you can be an old lady with a shotgun…
* As is becoming a tradition of ours, we also had a beta-test event where we presented coming releases and invited people to become FryxGames beta-testers. This time we presented two great games for the future – Fate: Defenders of Grim Valley, a cooperative fantasy tower defense type game, and Angels & Demons, a battle game between armies of… angels and demons… We are so excited about getting these games ready for publishing in the coming years!
* To our great delight, Terraforming Mars won the Deutcher Spielepreis, and Enoch and Jacob attended the ceremony, receiving the trophy and displaying the biggest Terraforming Mars box ever! (1 x 1 m)

Now back in Sweden, we are beginning to get back to normal, continuing to work on new games and expansions. Expect to see new great releases from FryxGames in 2018!