What? A zombie FryxGame?

Yes, apparently. Just like Jacob one day thought : ‘I should make a game about the terraforming of Mars’, he had another revelation: ‘I should make a game about zombies’. Not quite as unique a theme as terraforming, but he managed to get FryxGames to like the game enough for publishing, and now the time has come for…

Framsida med text

A cooperative deck building game where your deck is invaded by more and more zombies each time you reshuffle, your tension building  while you desperately try to complete the current mission. In most deckbuilders you mainly add cards to your deck to get stronger, but in After the Virus many cards stay in your play area and you have to deal with your deck getting worse as the game progresses.
How it plays? You figure it out (for now):


You may have noticed that our heroes (and zombies) have rather large heads. Our graphic designer for this game, Daniel Fryxelius explains:

When I first got the challenge to make the art for After the virus I was into some kind of comic book style. Kind of like what they used for Zombicide. Blood, slime, decay, but in a comic style so that it will not be too scary if younger kids happen to walk by and watch. I played the early prototype of the game with my daughter when she was only 11 years old, and she was really into this game for a while. I started to draw a few zombies and thought I was making a good job… until I showed her my sketches.
Dad, I don’t like them. They are too scary. I can’t stop thinking about what happened to them and who they were before.
This was a problem. As for myself, I have no problem with killing soulless monsters in games, but if these zombies had too many characteristics they would tell the story of how they died and who they were before. They had to be less realistic, and something that makes you feel like it really doesn’t matter what happens to them. Like they were toys!

I settled for the blob-head style. My brothers were not too easy to convince, and still today I’m not sure if they would rather have a more serious style. But I’m pleased when I see my kids 10- 12 years playing the game and other kids hanging around, knowing that I have taken away the edge of the otherwise very serious and terrifying theme of zombies.

We hope that both young and old will enjoy this game!


And now something for our Terraforming Mars fans:
Last week we showed you how to live in style on Venus. In order to live among the clouds though, you need fancy transportation between the floating structures:


Venus Next!

Great news was delivered at GenCon. Asmodee Digital will make Terraforming Mars an app for mobile and tablets. For now, we stay silent on what specific features it will include, but the app is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2018.

As we wrote last week, Hellas & Elysium has finally been released. With two new game boards, who could ask for more replayability, right? So here we go, producing Venus Next, the second expansion for Terraforming Mars. It is scheduled to be released this year at Essen, and just as we gave some thematic background for cards before the release of the main game, we will present some exclusive content that will appear in Venus Next along with some thematic context. Enjoy!

When the World Government realized that the terraforming of Mars would succeed, they set another lofty goal: the terraforming of our sister planet Venus. Venus is similar in size to Earth, but there the similarities end. Venus has extremely long days, a crushing atmospheric pressure, and a furnace for a surface. It is a huge project indeed, and it is expected to take a millennium to complete, but the WG is determined and ready to devote even more resources to the terraforming process!

Venus Next adds a new global parameter to your game of Terraforming Mars, similar to the oxygen track but signifying the progress on Venus. The terraforming of Venus is complex and has many different aspects, and many of those are totally different from those on Mars. Therefore, 49 new project cards are added to the deck (as well as 5 new corporations!) to represent this completely new arena where corporations can compete and contribute.

Before we go there, let’s take a look at our own back yard, because our Moon is being developed too:

Luna Metropolis


Game of the Year 2016

Terraforming Mars was announced Game of the Year 2016 by Board Game Quest this week. We are thrilled and humbled by the success. The game is currently ranked 11th of all board games according to BoardGameGeek.


Terraforming Tutorial

We have started to upload tutorial videos for Terraforming Mars, created by graphic designer Isaac Fryxelius. It is made as a video series covering different aspects of the game. Enjoy!

(Can’t see the videos? Click here!)






Tiles and Placement Bonuses:

Milestones and Awards:

Game End and Scoring:

Solo Play:

The videos are also available on the Terraforming Mars game page, as a video playlist on YouTube, and on the game’s BoardGameGeek page.

New batch of Terraforming Mars

Hi all,

today we received our new batch of Terraforming Mars. Customers in Sweden, and especially in Stockholm, Malmö, Linköping, and Karlstad can get a hold of a copy through us. For everyone else, Stronghold Games has recently opened up preorders for the game on their website. The new print run should hit the stores in a few weeks.

We will soon publish a video tutorial series where you can learn how to play the game. Stay tuned!

Terraforming Mars Expansion

We are proud to present the first expansion for Terraforming Mars;

TM: Hellas & Elysium

The first expansion to Terraforming Mars will be released this summer, and consists of a double-sided game board presenting two new areas of Mars.

Elysium takes the players almost to the exact opposite side of Mars, vast lowlands for oceans in the north and a dry, mineral-rich south. Place a tile on Olympus Mons, the highest peak in the solar system, to get three free cards!

Hellas, the southern wild, includes Mars’ south pole and the enormous 7-hex Hellas crater that just begs to become a gigantic lake. Building around the pole will give you new placement bonuses in the form of heat and even water.

Each of these maps consists of completly new sets of Milestones and Awards with relevance for each particular map. Place three tiles in the south  to become Polar Explorer, or race to have the most tiles adjacent to water on Elysium!


Next Print of TM

We are currently printing new games of Terraforming Mars, and they are planned to be released in February. We ourselves only sell the game at fairs we attend, so if you want a copy, keep your eyes open for news from

Stronghold Games if you want an English copy.

Schwerkraft if you want a German copy.

Rebel Games if you want a Polish copy.

The first expansion for Terraforming Mars is planned to be released in mid 2017.


Merry Christmas!

Terraforming Mars

From all of us brothers in FryxGames, to all you happy gamers out there,


Terraforming Mars has taken Earth by storm, now ranking the 24th best board game of all time, according to the BoardGameGeek ranking system. The forums are overflowing with comments and discussions about rules, strategies, promo material, and reviews. There has also been some buzz about future expansions, and although we don’t want to spoil any big surprises, we just want to officially confirm that there are several expansions in the making, with the first planned to hit the market in mid 2017. It will give players some new angles of playing the game. It turns things around a bit, and lets people look at the terraforming of Mars from a new perspective.

Essen Aftermath

The last two months have been hectic, to say the least. We’ve tried to keep up with the enormous hype and activity around Terraforming Mars on BoardGameGeek, where it has been on the top or close to the top of the Hotness list for over a month. We are humbled by the reception it is getting, realizing that this is a major breakthrough for us.

Much work has gone into making prototypes of future games, as well as expansions for our current games. Jonathan arranges prototype printing at a local printer just before the Essen Spiel fair every year. This year’s haul looked something like this;


And then there’s Essen. Wow, where to begin. As we headed off to the fair, we had gathered over 100 preorders for the game. Because Stronghold Games has the worldwide rights to distribution of the English version, we ourselves only sell Terraforming Mars at fairs like this. Thus, our own part of the print run was small, and only about 380 games made it to the fair. For the first time, we were able to anticipate selling out all our copies. But we wouldn’t have guessed we would sell out the first day! At about 4 p.m. on Thursday, we were out of copies, with only preordered copies left. The same applied also to Stronghold Games and Schwerkraft, although Schwerkraft brought in new copies every day. During the fair, we conquered the top position of the BoardGameGeek BuzzBoard, and many have noted that Terraforming Mars was the big hype of the year. But what is even more amazing is our rating statistics on BGG. Since GenCon, we’ve climbed  the global ranking list from  6000th position to 150th position of all games, all-time! We’ve also managed to keep our average rating at 8.5, even with the current 1400 ratings. Only a few games among the top 100 games of BGG have a higher average rating than that. We hope to break into the top 100 soon, and then see how far we get. Please help us by rating the game.


As many have experienced, it is hard to get hold of a copy now that it is sold out everywhere. Basically, most copies of the first print run were sold out before the game was actually released. A few hundred copies were saved for Essen, but a lot of distributors did not get the amount they wanted, so there’s already a shortage of copies on the market. We are currently working on a reprint, calculated to hit the stores around New Year.

We want to thank all of you who have contributed to this success, and hope that you’re enjoying our games as much as we’re enjoying creating them. Thank you from the Fryxelius brothers.


From the left: Jonathan, Jacob, Enoch, Isaac, and Daniel (bottom).

Terraforming Sweden

During the past two weeks, we’ve had our 4 pre-release events in Sweden. A lot of people came to get their first terraforming experiences and a piece of Mars (of course we served chocolate Mars bars). It has been amazing! We’ve received great reviews, ratings, and comments, and the enthusiasm and support we’ve got has been overwhelming.

Our pre-releases were a fantastic series of events: In Stockholm, Jacob held a speech to the first Swedish buyers of Terraforming Mars. In Karlstad, Jonathan sold several Future Packs (our three sci-fi games with their expansions). In Trelleborg, Enoch was surprised by his local TM-supporters, who had made a cake, T-shirts, coffee cups, and even a jig-saw puzzle, all Terraforming Mars-themed! And finally, in Linköping, Daniel sold out his copies of TM.

We are humbled by our success. In fact, we did not expect it to be this big. After receiving praise after praise from reviewers, with sky-high ratings, Jacob said: ”of course I like my own game, I love it! But then, everyone likes his own game. But is it really that good?”. ”Yes!” Jonathan reassured.

There is no game we’d rather play right now than Terraforming Mars. And we hope that it will give you the same pleasure.

IMG_3960.JPGThe cake tribute to Terraforming Mars in Trelleborg.