After the Virus

Down to Earth… kind of

One of the few attractive features of the Venusian surface is the possibility of finding interesting compounds in the soil. Those compounds can be interesting as additions in Martian soils, allowing for new specialized organisms, and exotic nutrients. This was Aphrodite’s main business until they joined the terraforming process and got a contract for developing Venus. Now they are also looking into making the Venusian soil itself fertile, for use in the new colonies there.

AphroditeVenus Soils

Survival lesson #1

When dealing with zombies, you need to know some basic facts:

A) You definitely need weapons.

B) Unfortunately, weapons have a tendency to run out of ammunition.

C) In those circumstances, you may have only one option.




What? A zombie FryxGame?

Yes, apparently. Just like Jacob one day thought : ‘I should make a game about the terraforming of Mars’, he had another revelation: ‘I should make a game about zombies’. Not quite as unique a theme as terraforming, but he managed to get FryxGames to like the game enough for publishing, and now the time has come for…

Framsida med text

A cooperative deck building game where your deck is invaded by more and more zombies each time you reshuffle, your tension building  while you desperately try to complete the current mission. In most deckbuilders you mainly add cards to your deck to get stronger, but in After the Virus many cards stay in your play area and you have to deal with your deck getting worse as the game progresses.
How it plays? You figure it out (for now):


You may have noticed that our heroes (and zombies) have rather large heads. Our graphic designer for this game, Daniel Fryxelius explains:

When I first got the challenge to make the art for After the virus I was into some kind of comic book style. Kind of like what they used for Zombicide. Blood, slime, decay, but in a comic style so that it will not be too scary if younger kids happen to walk by and watch. I played the early prototype of the game with my daughter when she was only 11 years old, and she was really into this game for a while. I started to draw a few zombies and thought I was making a good job… until I showed her my sketches.
Dad, I don’t like them. They are too scary. I can’t stop thinking about what happened to them and who they were before.
This was a problem. As for myself, I have no problem with killing soulless monsters in games, but if these zombies had too many characteristics they would tell the story of how they died and who they were before. They had to be less realistic, and something that makes you feel like it really doesn’t matter what happens to them. Like they were toys!

I settled for the blob-head style. My brothers were not too easy to convince, and still today I’m not sure if they would rather have a more serious style. But I’m pleased when I see my kids 10- 12 years playing the game and other kids hanging around, knowing that I have taken away the edge of the otherwise very serious and terrifying theme of zombies.

We hope that both young and old will enjoy this game!


And now something for our Terraforming Mars fans:
Last week we showed you how to live in style on Venus. In order to live among the clouds though, you need fancy transportation between the floating structures:


How to kill a zombie

Designer’s Note:

I have never been drawn to the zombie theme. I dislike gory images. And I never played a zombie game. But one day I thought: ‘I should make a zombie game.’

There is one thing I really like about the zombie theme, namely the idea of being assaulted from all sides by monsters without ranged weapons. So a zombie game is maybe not so far-fetched after all. Being a sucker for thematic games, I wanted the mechanics to reflect the increasing danger you face, but I also wanted to put in everything I know about zombie movies. The first thing that came to mind was:


I’d like to point out that I’m not really all that illiterate about the zombie theme. I have watched a handful of zombie movies. So you can expect to encounter many familiar things in this game. My goal for this game is for the game mechanics to channel all these thematic details into a feeling of desperation. Zombies & Survivors is a kind of deckbuilding game, where only some of the things you find go into your deck, while others stay on the table. What is certain, is that zombies will enter your deck, too. Each time you reshuffle your deck, the zombie wave number increases, and that number tells you how many new zombie cards must be shuffled into the deck.


Not only will you face more zombies, but they will also decrease the number of useful cards you draw. A chainsaw is really handy when meeting many zombies, but take care, because once you use up its gas, it takes time to find more and refill it (it has to go through the deck to come back again).

- Jacob Fryxelius

Back after Essen

Hello friends,

We’re back home again after Essen Spiel. As usual, it takes at least a week before we’re back on track.
We are very happy about everyone who came and asked about Terraforming Mars. Even if some were disappointed to learn that the release is postponed until next year, it’s very encouraging for us that so many people out there seem to know about the game… Essen was fantastic! As usual. A lot of new contacts with publishers and distributors open up the doors for collaboration on game projects in the future. Don’t be surprised when you see the big logos on our coming games :)

Many familiar faces visited our booth again this year, but also lots of new ones. Thank you all for stopping by, grabbing our Swedish candy and our games. Wilderness is sold out, and many really missed it at the fair, but our table and time were filled with our other games, especially Fleets with the new expansion.

Just as last year, we had a beta-tester event, showing another upcoming game. The beta-testing of Terraforming Mars was a huge success, both for spreading the word and for streamlining the game, so now we want to give the same opportunity to – Zombies & Survivors!

Card back

It is a cooperative card game, where  zombies invade your deck and you have to gear up to meet the threat. We really look forward to getting feedback on this, and have already enjoyed some of it. Once again, thank you all for supporting us!


Tune in, all future (and returning) beta-testers!  Soon we will meet in Essen, where you can scout our next game.